Sunday, 18 September 2011


“There is no darkness but ignorance” - William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night 

Learning is a wonderful thing.  One can learn something new everyday without picking up a book.  It just requires an open mind and taking in what the universe has to teach us. 
As I mentioned in my past blog, I am relearning how to eat and it has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life.  
In order to change the way we eat, we need to learn about our food.  If you just say, I am going to stop eating bread in order to loose weight - even though you enjoy bread - unless you understand WHY you should not eat bread it will be a struggle and challenge and it will not last.  If you do not learn WHY you should eat more fruits and vegetables, or why you should choose as many organic items as possible you efforts will be short lived. 
I have always wanted to be a ‘healthy eater’ but until now I have not taken the time to learn the reasoning behind it.  Only now that I am learning more and more each day, is it possible for me to make and commit to these changes for life. 
I am only at the start of a life long journey to learn more about what we are putting into our body but already I am seeing the light.  The large food corporations want us to live in the darkness of ignorance because it is all about the bottom line for them.  Pharmaceutical companies profit on the unhealthy eating habits the majority of the world’s population practice.  
If you would like to enlighten yourself, watch this free airing of Food Matters.  Information is below.  This video as part of my nutrition program with Janine Carey has really opened up my eyes to the truth about food.  
Find out more about this special event here:
We've had such a high demand from people asking how they can best share the film with everyone they know, and what better way then to make it available for free, right! 
This special event will be running for one week only from October 2nd until midnight October 8th, 2011.
To get involved you will need to REGISTER on the following page so that we can send you the link when the film goes live.
You will also get immediate access to watch Part 1 of the film when you sign up today.

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