Thursday, 16 August 2012

Chillin' on a Dirt Road... In Graham, Texas

As you may know, one of my favourite things is to travel and see new places.

In April we went to Texas!  We flew into Dallas/FW and stayed in FW for a couple of nights before heading out to the ranch.

Wildcatter Ranch was everything we had hoped for and more. Neither of us had been on a ranch holiday.  We knew we wanted to relax, in a relatively 'authentic' country style place, have a few things to do, and just enjoy the rugged beauty of the Texas country.  We certainly achieved this staying at Wildcatter.   We stayed at OT's Cabin for 6 nights and we did not want to leave on the Wednesday morning when we had to check out.

Wildcatter Steak House
The Wildcatter Steakhouse on the ridge is superb.  The service there, and actually everywhere on the Ranch was top notch.  The decor of the restaurant is really great as well, country style, but not tacky.  Some of the dining rooms have the most beautiful view from the top of the ridge, and the bar is a great spot to hang.  One of my favourite touches were the latches on the bathroom, like a barn gate.  I appreciate the details.

Beautiful view on the Trail

There is certainly enough for everyone to do.  We went on 3 trails with Jeremy, which were all super enjoyable. The first one was an hour and a half, and we headed up the side of a hill and enjoyed the views from the ridge.  Another time we rode past the cows in the fields and down along the river.   There is canoeing down at the river as well, but unfortunately we did not get a chance to go, we were so busy relaxing :)

Long Horns you can feed every morning! So cute!

The skeet shooting range is awesome! Being a girl, I did not have the experience shooting that my boyfriend did but Jay was very helpful and I did not feel useless at all.  He showed me how to do everything properly and gave me tips to hit more!  We each had massages one day at the Sage Room.  That was early on in our stay and put us in a relaxed state of mind.

Ranger taking a dip! 
The pool area at Wildcatter was designed so well.  It fits right in with the nature look, and the infinity pool overlooks a valley below - there is no better place to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset!

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